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1 New Rampart Model HT-3048-1 tumbling barrel with:

20.7 cubic foot total volume, heavy-duty barrel finishing machine.

The HT-3048-1 frame is constructed of structural steel and heavy gauge tubing continuously welded to provide a rigid frame structure that will support the heaviest barrel loads.

The HT-3048-1 utilizes a "RAMPART Floating Drive" for continuous low maintenance operation and is powered by a 3 H.P., 1800 R.P.M., TEFC brake motor to stop and hold the barrel in any position for loading and unloading. The machine utilizes an "Electronic" variable speed drive from 8 to 24 R.P.M., with programmable Jog speed, a process speed control is mounted in the control panel.

The HT-3048-1 standard machine control package includes Emergency stop push button, Run/Off/spring return to Off Jog selector switch, with forward reverse push buttons for two hand requirement on Jog, and safety gate interlock switch are all part of the standard package. The primary electrical circuit is 230 or 460 Volts (must specify voltage on purchase order), 3 Phase, 60 Hertz with a 115 Volt control circuit.

The HT-3048 consists of a "No-Seam" vinyl lined barrel measuring 30" in diameter across the flats X 48" wide. The barrel is fabricated from 1/4" steel plate continuous welded water tight prior to coating. The door opening is 20-7/8" left to right by 11-3/4" front to back. A solid "CAM-LOCK" door complete with vinyl door gasket provides a water tight seal and relieves pressure build-up inside the barrel. The barrel is bolted in place between two flanged turntable plates to allow quick replacement without major disassembly of the machine or drive.

The HT-3048-1 will handle up to 1,800 lbs of parts and media.

The HT-3048-1 is fully tested under simulated production conditions prior to shipment to insure that the machine is 100% ready for production.

Price POR


Drain door to permit the removal of liquids from the barrel prior to unloading.
ROTO-RINSE- To allow liquid to be added to the barrel while the machine is running. Must have drain door option.
Digital Tachometer
Chute located under barrel to direct parts and media onto screener or bin
Extra Heavy Duty Drive- to increase load capacity to 3,100 lbs. 5HP motor and larger gear drive.

Prices F.O.B. factory, Pennsylvania

Terms: 50% down payment with order, balance Net before ship

Delivery: 8 weeks after receipt of written purchase order and down payment. Note: Delivery date may vary due to backlog at the time of order.


Rusty Scott, Vibratory Sales
SMF & Machine Tools, Inc.

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